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relevant when it comes to the development and professional management of property: competence, structure, commitment, synergies and last but not least, experience. But the core of this complex process is put together by a variety of people and their interactions. For us, our passion is the basic requirement to be active in this industry. Here, the basic dialogue from person to person is the secret to our success. Always at eye level, always on a partnership-basis - sharing a common goal. We are experts in our field. Decide for yourself. Get to know us and let our enthusiasm convince you.

AS A GOOD CONSULTANT, manager and lessor, we cover the entire range of services for your retail property. The conception of new shopping centres and the revitalization, optimization, and extension to existing properties are our core competencies.

KOPRIAN iQ has developed over 60 functional concepts for different clients in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.