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and we stand for responsible implementation of our projects. We see ourselves as having an obligation to our clients, tenants, visitors, but also to municipalities and we do our part to develop the location beyond the boundaries of the actual property.

We know that you can achieve more in strong teams. For our projects, we rely on the cooperation i. a. with selected medium-sized developers, well-known investors, visionary architects, and experienced city planners as well as expert lessors. These include et al.



  • Cencosud (Chile/ Argentina)
  • Commerzbank
  • Commerz Real
  • CREDIT SUISSE (Germany)
  • CREDIT SUISSE (Luxemburg)
  • EUROPOLIS (Austria)
  • GEDO
  • GLL Real Estate Partners
  • Hagemeyer
  • Hanse Merkur Grundvermögen
  • IntReal
  • Krieger Grundstücksgesellschaft
  • KuBus Architektur und Stadtplanung
  • LDAG Landholding Development
  • Max Bögl
  • Nanz-Gruppe
  • OFB Projektentwicklung
  • PVS (Partner Vitale Stadt)
  • Redevco B.V.
  • R+V Versicherung
  • SALLER Bau
  • Signa Holding (Austria)
  • TK (Czech Republic)
  • Union Investment
  • Württembergische Lebensversicherung
  • Zimmermann Beteiligungen