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Shoppig Centre Management

WE SEE CENTRE MANAGEMENT as an integral task. All factors of the whole value chain are optimized by us in single or as a network in the interest of best possible overall performance – always with the aim to invite visitors to stay, shop or simply stroll about. For this purpose we develop individually tailored, location-based functional concepts and measure the results of our work against the expectations of the investors, officials in cities and municipalities, as well as with those of the tenants and their customers. Our retail-oriented centre managers are set up locally and act like “mayors for their town”. It almost goes without saying that our local centre management team is on site every working day during the mall’s / shops’ opening hours. The management and transfer of know-how takes place through monthly property checks by headquarter-based staff of KOPRIAN iQ. Mall marketing is managed jointly (in form of an Advertising Association) by our centre manager on site, the tenants, and Hamburg headquarters.


  • Daily presence
  • Tenant support
  • Regular property checks
  • Management the Advertising Association
  • Sales analysis